Rules of Conduct


To foster an enjoyable activity, rules of conduct are necessary to maintain a balanced environment that satisfies all brothers and sisters in the club. This is designed to create a rich, entertaining, and drama-free environment for all our members and friends. We are self-governing and policing and are not ruled by a single dictator.


    • Conduct yourself in a manner befitting the Cobras goals, including making new friends, maintaining current alliances, and defecation to our enemies. Overly aggressive and obnoxious behavior while alongside your brothers and sisters may reduce the value of your contribution to this club. Players gonna play; patch members know this and understand that the actions of an individual affects the club as a whole. Choose your actions wisely.


    • We practice the Golden Rule; treat thee as ye would be treated. In other words, be a dick and you will be dicked. Members who have been patched recognize the level of commitment and self-discipline required to wear it. Those who fail to understand this may never earn it. Respect your brother and sister and we will always be at your side.


    • The killing of a brother or sister, if done maliciously with intent, is not allowed.


    • The unprovoked killing of an ally of the Cobras or a neutral MC crew is not allowed. Click here for a list of allies and enemies. If you do not see an enemy on the list, they should be considered neutral and left alone. Members know not to attack a neutral party who may be a potential friend.


    • The in-game tampering, hacking, or glitching of GTA V Online is not allowed as it may result in disciplinary actions on the player in question and the crew as a whole by Rockstar Games and/or Xbox Live.


    • All members must wear the standard silver-striped leather jacket and proudly display their patch at all club events, including crew rides, free mode sessions, team deathmatches, and all other club-related activities.


    • Every Cobra must ride an American-Chopper style of motorcycle and proudly ride their bike at all club events, including crew rides, free mode sessions, team deathmatches, and all other club-related activities. Click here for a list of acceptable motorcycles on GTA V Online.


Violation of these rules can result in disciplinary action, the level of which is determined by club vote. Actions voted upon must be respected by the member(s) in question or may chose to voluntarily leave the club. Any patched member found to be acting in a manner not approved by the club can be removed at anytime, without notice or the possibility of return.


The Cobras Motorcycle Club is a social club that collaboratively plays video games on Grand Theft Auto V Online. This is a video game; if found to be unable to discern the video game from real life, we will forfeit your membership in this club. You will be instructed to seek assistance immediately and will not be allowed to participate with us. Though we cannot stop you from playing the video game, we will not encourage your inability to distinguish a video game from real life. The Cobras Motorcycle Club and its members do not condone illegal activity, recreational drug use, alcoholism, or general violence in real life.