Club Relations


Relationships are fleeting; no one knows this better than a Cobra. The life of a Cobra is eternal; but when it comes to alliances and friends the life of a Cobra can be relatively short. History has proven that violence and betrayal has become the norm for many MCs, and that is especially true for the Cobras MC. Widespread distrust (and for good reason) has spread among the other MCs about the infamous Cobras, how they pretend to be your friend, then shoot you in the head.

Though those days have passed, the bitterness and bad tastes left behind from days past remain strong in the hearts and minds of many. A Cobra knows this and threads carefully.

This is a formal call to all MCs to forge an alliance with the Cobras. A mutual non-aggression pact that will allow all battles to stay where they belong; in a team deathmatch. Let us all be reasonable and realize that this is a video game; massage those bruised egos and bring forth your riders, shooters, and everything else that makes your club great. Friendly competitions, multi-crew rides, co-op missions, etc. That is what the Cobras are about.

Still can’t find a way to trust us? That’s okay, we don’t need you.

Below are guidelines on how to treat allies, enemies, and those that are neutral:


Friend to the Cobras. A Cobra knows not to kill an ally; a Cobra knows to come to an ally’s aid when they need it. Cobras tend to participate on Crew Rides with their allies. Friendly competition is encouraged. The killing of an ally is forbidden. If an ally were to kill a Cobra, the Cobra knows to ask for an explanation before retaliation. A Cobra knows not to escalate a conflict before knowing where they stand with the ally. What a Cobra knows best is to keep their friends close.


All Cobras enemies are Kill-On-Sight. An enemy of the Cobras needs an enema, and Cobras know how to give it to them. Enemies of the Cobras tend to use tactics known to hack or cheat the game (i.e. MCs that uses cars, tanks, fighter jets, attack helicopters, miniguns, rocket launchers, passive mode, session kicks, their parents, etc.). Things a real MC would never do. A Cobra does not seek a future enemy; but present enemies have been chosen wisely. All Cobra enemies are targets for assassination.


Cobras know that neutral MCs either choose not to be an ally or an enemy, are blissfully ignorant to the existence of the Cobra, or simply choose not to interact with the Cobras in any way, shape, or form. The killing of a neutral MC is not forbidden unless they are on the neutral list – or unless they kill a Cobra first!\


Cobras have recently developed a new list of relations with rogue MCs, know as “Exiled”, meaning not friendly nor an enemy. We know them, we don’t like them, but we won’t go after them. Unless they come after us first. MCs on this list have been known to send inaccurate (or a better term “lie their ass off”) push out messages, taking patch pics AFTER someone or something else kills the Cobra, or pretend to be a friend then start violence to catch them off guard. All MCs on the Exiled list will likely never return to the good graces of the Cobra unless massive changes on their end have up-ended their organization.