The president is the leader of the club; the main figurehead that represents all that a Cobra can be. A zealot for the cause, the president serves as chairman of all club functions, conducts all meetings, and maintains relations with other clubs. The President is the true believer; emperor and servant at the same time and has been conceived from the remnants of the most ruthless and effective military leaders in history including Genghis Khan, Napoleon Dynamite, and Oprah Winfrey.

Vice President

Unlike the traditional vice president role, the Vice President of the Cobras submits to the same role as the president on any or all platforms. On top of that, the Vice President is also the Prospect Manager, who’s duties include making sure all prospects are ready to become a part of the brotherhood – or not! Also a zealot, the vice president ensures that all club functions run smoothly, enforces all club mandates and makes sure that the Cobras carry themselves in a manner befitting the patch.


Another breakaway from the traditional sergeant-at-arms role, the Sergeant-At-Arms duties are to promote the Cobras cause…with a gun! A master on how to handle a weapon, the ability to train other Cobras in the ways of hip firing, and leading the kill counts in all death and destructive fights in deathmatches and freemode wars. All this makes Sergeant-At-Arms the Cobras weapon master.

Operations Officer

It is the duty of the Operations Officer to use advanced technology to effectively manage all operations, from mission assignments to intelligence directives. Not only the master of missions and survivalist, it is the job of the Operations Officer to use any and all means to spread the message of the Cobras to the world and oversee all communications both within and outside the club.

First Disciple

The First Disciple is at its core a deputy to the Sergeant At Arms. As head of the enforcers this role of servitude consists of constantly towing the line across the battlefield.

Road Captain

A master of the ways of the motorcycle, the Road Captain leads the Cobras on all crew rides, sets destinations, facilitates bike shows, and teaches Cobras how to ride.


It is the duty of the Enforcer to enforce the ways of the Cobra, whether it be with a gun or with a bike. Enforcers partake in missions, help allies during wartime, and are the primary participants in deathmatches and battle. Enforcers are in charge of security; both proactive and reactive against threats toward the club. They are the first line of defense; always the last to leave a battle.