Welcome Prospect, you have made a good decision. Please read the information below then click “I accept” to accept the terms and conditions involved in becoming a Cobra. Think of this as a sort of contract; a commitment both to yourself and to the Cobras Motorcycle Club. Once you join, you become part of this family. You devote a certain amount of time and effort into adapting to the Cobras lifestyle. We devote a certain amount of time and effort into helping you become one. Remember, joining means having fun, ridding yourself of drama, and making copious amounts of money (in game).

What does it mean to be a prospect? Prospect is not a form of initiation; it is a period of time that is sustained until a player conducts themselves in a manner befitting a patched member. Being a prospect will allow you the time to adapt to life in a motorcycle club. It would allow patched members to see how you play and work with you on developing bonds and cultivate a respect for other patched members and for the club. Becoming a prospect means choosing an anarchist lifestyle outside the regimes of the community as you become accustomed to being a brother or sister.

Anyone who meets the requirements may become a prospect. Prospecting allows you the time to condition your play frequency and style, adjust to a communication standard necessary to attend church, participate in club activities, and educate yourself in the Cobras MC protocol and etiquette. There is no set prospecting period of time; regular attendance and gameplay is not enough. You will be guided by our patched members until we are satisfied that you are ready to be patched in.

Instead of looking at this negatively, look at it as a challenge with the goal being to earn your patch! There are no silly tricks or embarrassing games to play; as a prospect you ride with us as if you are a patched member. Your style, your skill, and your persona are all influences that will impact your prospecting period.

There are, however, eligibility requirements in order to become a prospect:

    • You must be 15 years of age or older and display a level of maturity that balances with our gameplay style. The age requirement is set due to the adult content of the video game and conversations amongst members of the MC. If we find that you are below the age of 15, we will call your parents and tell on you.


    • You must be available on voice chat. Don’t have a headset? Buy one – we recommend the Turtle Beach Ear Force x12 for the Xbox One, available at most video game retailers or at Amazon. Don’t have money? Get a job. Good communication is required to being a patched member of the club. Prospects will never be patched until they are on voice chat.


    • You are required to link your Xbox Live Gamertag with your Rockstar Games Social Club account. This will help facilitate club communications, help our club grow, and build our crew status in the GTA V online community. Do not have a Social Club account? Click here to create one.


    • Be prepared to leave your old life behind. Unlike many crews out there, this is a crew that focuses on co-op gameplay, making money, racing, and general member activities that do not involve being hostile to another crew. You will be prospecting into a club where you will always find a friend, a brother or sister, who will be cool and do you a solid.


Thank you for your consideration in joining the Cobras. Not everyone will make the cut; that’s okay. Being a Cobra is not merely joining a club; it is a conscious decision to an alternative lifestyle without all the drama and hostility that GTA typically fosters. If you feel that you are ready to embrace an anarchist club of riders, please click the link below.


I accept; I want to be a Cobra | I decline; get me out of here