As a Cobra, the lifestyle includes embracing motorcycles as a part of a Cobra’s existence. Though no Cobra is forbidden to ride other vehicles, they understand that the culture they have chosen to be a part of includes riding motorcycles. Not just any motorcycles; an American Chopper style motorcycle.

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A Cobras motorcycle is not simply a vehicle; it is an extension of themselves. When someone destroys it, it is like destroying part of a Cobras soul. Destruction of a Cobras motorcycle requires instant retribution; a Cobra does not reply with a proportionate response – they reply with total disaster! If they do not understand the importance of the bike to the Cobra, they will find out the hard way.

Motorcyles are used for all crew rides. Cobras typically ride the same type of motorcycles during rides; the flagship bike being the Western Bagger. Every Cobras Bagger is styled based on their personality; a look and feel that matches the soul of the Cobra. Many own more than one; most know that a Cobras Bagger is not chosen – a Cobras Bagger chooses them.

Club Motorcycles:


Western Bagger
 – Fairing On/Off, custom fuel tank, custom saddle bags, custom wheels, Crew Logo



Western Daemon – Custom fuel tank, custom seats, custom wheels, whitewall tires, Crew Logo

Western Sovereign – American Stars & Strips, Red, White, and Blue*


LCC Hexer – Custom wheels, whitewall tires


LCC Innovation – Crew Logo

*Image of Western Sovereign not available