Being a Cobra

All members of the club understand that the following standards of gameplay is a result of choosing a MC lifestyle. A member is patched into the club after thoroughly exploring the experiences of being a biker in the game. After being taught what it means to be a Cobra; a brother or sister who does not vie for power or seek instant gratification. Satisfaction comes from finding and settling into their proper place in the club, whether it be a shooter, a racer, negotiator, or even a secretary. We are a true club, not simply an association. All of our members care for each other and like each other. The elimination of drama is a key to the success of the Cobra.

Once a member is patched, that is not the end of their journey. Just the opposite, in fact, as a Cobras journey begins with being patched. They find themselves in a place of unlimited possibilities as they grow within the club. A Cobra can choose to favor a more aggressive gameplay style while others simply focus on making money. A Cobra can be a racer, or a survivalist, even an ambassador. Bikes and guns are not the only meaning in a Cobras life.

Cobras know that they can earn achievements for the club throughout the game. Though not official GTA or Xbox Live achievements, there are club achievements that will be proudly displayed on the member page next to each member who achieves it. Members know that their place in the club is solid as their list of achievements grows. Achievements are determined and awarded by the President.

Every Cobra knows that, even in an anarchist lifestyle, they must pay tribute to being a Cobra. The cost is the acceptance of Cobra values and virtues, while riding bikes with their badges in style and grace. Every Cobra knows the following:

  • The only Cobra weapon is the Assault Rifle. The iconic GTA Assault Rifle, based on the Norinco Type 56-2, is the official weapon of the Cobras MC. Though regularly mistaken as a Russian Kalashinikov (or AK-47), the Norinco is a Chinese variant of the AK and represents the old school culture of the Cobras MC. Handguns, submachine guns, and other assault rifles are acceptable, too.
  • The only Cobra bike is the Western Bagger. The Western Bagger is the official motorcycle of the Cobras MC. The Bagger features many appearance customizations and is among the best cruising bikes on GTA V. The Bagger is similarly based on the 2013 Harley Davidson Touring Road Glide Custom. All other American Chopper style bikes are acceptable, too.
  • The only Cobra game session is a Free Aim session. Cobras all set their controller preference to Free Aim because they know that Assisted Aim can be more of a liability than a asset. Cobras do not handicap themselves by letting the game aim for them; they use their own agility and precision to bring death to their enemies.
  • The only Cobra way to play is a straight shooter. All Cobras know that other MCs tend to fight with cars instead of motorcycles, go into passive mode to avoid being killed, fight in fighter jets and assault helicopters, use miniguns and rocket launchers. All Cobras know that other MCs send “push out” messages that have little or no basis in reality. The real Cobra does not stoop to that level; they do not defecate in their own faces. They do not concern themselves about power or rank; they keep it real and play for keeps. They fight hard and sometimes they lose, but they always shoot straight.


The Cobras are a self-governing entity and most decisions are made by club vote. Like a true MC, these decisions affect how the club operates and affect the future of the Cobras MC. Club votes are held at church and only by attending members. Non-attending members can make their vote by proxy, but missed votes are not counted. Votes resulting in a tie are broken by the Serpentor. Executive decisions are only made in the most severest of circumstances, and even then after consultation with other members about the best course of action possible. Communications are always facilitated; every member has a voice.

Officers and Members

The only thing a Cobra knows about an officer/member relationship is that it does not exist. We are all Cobras; though there are ranks that fulfill different responsibilities. A true Cobra knows that being an officer does not mean that they are in some way superior to another Cobra. There are disciples and there are zealots, but there can be only one kind of Cobra.


Every Cobra knows that, once they are patched in, they become a guide to all future prospects and are responsible of teaching the ways of the Cobra. Not all Cobras can guide prospects, not all prospects can be a Cobra. That is okay. Everything will fall into place. There is a natural order to this world and those that try to up end it do not fair well. The choice of becoming a Cobra is a life and mind altering decision that not all can be.