Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are the Cobras MC on the Xbox 360 as well as on the Xbox One?
    No, the Cobras MC no longer exist on the Xbox 360. Any Cobra’s presence on the 360 is not genuine.
  2. Will you be setting up the Cobras MC on the Playstation 3, Playstation 4, or PC?
    There are no plans for that at this time.
  3. Will you be starting up other charters?
    At this time, no. La Mesa is our current and only charter. Opening up another charter will become necessary only when the La Mesa charter grows too large to sustain itself.
  4. Is this a men-only motorcycle club?
    Yes, the Cobra’s Motorcycle Club is a men-only club.
  5. Is this club region specific?
    No. Any player from anywhere in the world is welcome to prospect so long as you meet the requirements and adequately participate.
  6. I am a member of another motorcycle club and am familiar with the MC lifestyle. Can I just patch over?
    All players, regardless of previous associations with other motorcycle clubs, must prospect in to the Cobras. We no longer allow patch-ins from other clubs; a prospecting period is required.
  7. I am younger than 18 years of age but am very mature. Will you make an exception for me?
  8. What if I don’t own an American-Chopper motorcycle?
    You must own at least one American-Chopper style motorcycle. We will help you get one during your prospect period.
  9. Are cars allowed?
    You may own and operate any vehicle you choose. However, you must ride your crew bike at all club functions.
  10. Can I use tanks and helicopters as a member of the MC?
    On solo or co-op missions, you may use any and all equipment available to you to complete the mission. That being said, in free mode sessions you may only ride your bike.
  11. What weapons are allowed?
    On solo or co-op missions, use whatever weapons at your disposal against the AI. You may only use melee, pistols, submachine guns, and assault rifles in free mode sessions and team deathmatches.
  12. What about miniguns, rocket launchers, and grenades?
    No. Only on solo or co-op missions and only against the AI.
  13. What if someone puts a bounty on my head?
    Allow a fellow member to take the bounty and share the cash!
  14. What if I get attacked by a tank, fighter jet, or helicopter?
    Then you are hereby released to use any or all means at your disposal until the threat is destroyed. Afterwards, switch back to motorcycles and club weapons.
  15. What should I do if another player kills me?
    Kill him right back.
  16. What should I do if another player from an allied MC kills me?
    Find out what happened; make sure it was not accidental. Do not get butt hurt and retaliate without further information – sometimes things just happen.
  17. What if I am being attacked and need help?
    Take a look at our allies list and find someone online that can help you.
  18. What if I am being attacked and outnumbered?
    Withdraw from the session. Do not face multiple foes alone; it is important not to allow enemy MCs to take a patch pic of you. If they follow you, either seek assistance or switch to an Invite-only session.
  19. If an allied MC asks me to help them with a battle with another allied MC, what should I do?
    Unfortunately, remaining neutral is your only choice; the decision to make an allied MC into an enemy MC should be done by club vote. Non-participation is your only guarantee for neutrality. Remember, actions have consequences.
  20. Can I kill any non-member player I want?
    Please make sure they are not an ally first. All enemies are Kill-On-Sight. We prefer that you do not kill neutral members – unless they kill you first.
  21. Can I use mercenaries, air strikes, and muggers against other players?
    Not ever is that acceptable in a free mode session.
  22. What if a member of a neutral MC rides through La Mesa?
    If they are not hostile, let them. Recognize that GTA V Online is a small place compared to the number of players out there.
  23. Can I take a patch pic if I killed an enemy MC member?
    Yes. In fact, you are encouraged to do so.
  24. Can I send a “push out” message to the session and the club after a battle?
    No. Push out messages are only for guys with small penis’s. They rarely have any basis in reality and are very sad. Instead, be secure in the knowledge that you did it and any brother and friend will believe you did it.
  25. What do I do if I have a problem with another member of the club?
    Please inform an officer of your concerns. We will try to address every issue accordingly and fairly.
  26. A member of another MC is trying to get me to patch over. What should I do?
    That is up to you. Your choices are your own. Remember that actions have consequences; depending on the situation you may not be allowed to come back.
  27. Can I be a member of another crew while I am a Cobra?
    Multiple crew memberships may be evaluated based on circumstance. However, you absolutely cannot be a patched member of two MCs simultaneously. If found doing so, you may be voted out. Prospects are required to be an active Cobras Prospect for the duration of the period; switching even once to your alternate crew during the prospect period will result in the immediate forfeiture of your membership.
  28. If I left the Cobras and joined another MC, can I choose to return if I do not like it?
    You may attempt to prospect again, but may not be patched in. That is due to the resulting loss of trust after abandonment of the Cobras. Choices have consequences.
  29. Will I be kicked if I do not play for a long time?
    Communication is key. We understand the need to take breaks every so often; if you feel that you will not be available to play for a period of time please let us know. We will be happy to give you the time you need. If you just disappear, you may be booted from the crew after a certain period of inactivity.
  30. If I have been removed from the club for inactivity and would like to return, may I?
    Yes, however, you would have to prospect again.