Our Charter

The Cobras Motorcycle Club La Mesa Original (CMCLMO) Charter originated and is based in La Mesa, East Los Santos, San Andreas. Formed in February 2014, La Mesa has always been the home of the Cobra, with multiple garages, Los Santos Customs, and Ammunations up and down Popular Street. The clubhouse is located near Popular Street, right in the middle of La Mesa. The Cobras MC territory oversees Mirror Park, extends down to Cypress Flats, and as far east as Murrieta Heights.


La Mesa is a perfect home for the Cobras mandate; it means “table” in spanish. Cobra Command represents a table similar to King Arthur’s court and the Knights of the Round Table. Though the Cobras has a President and Vice President, everyone who sits at the table have an equal voice, every opinion heard, every suggestion seriously considered. Every Cobra is a Cobra because they can be trusted, their contribution is valued.

Though primarily an industrial neighborhood, La Mesa has been a growing scene for bikes and cars thanks to the establishment of the Los Santos Customs on Popular Street. Popular Street has been a long favorite for bike and drag racing for its long stretch of road all the way through La Mesa, north to south. Due to the limited amount of residential areas, traffic has always been at a minimal. Only a single, dismal, police station stands in the way of the Cobra; and even they do not put up a fight when it comes to criminal activities.

All Cobras know that to be overly territorial is unreasonable in the GTA V Online community. Due to the size and scale of the game, enforcing territorial restrictions are difficult and not worth the effort. However, Cobras have been known to defend their own turf when trying to be forced out of it by their enemies. Though most Cobras own territory in La Mesa, they are both allowed and encouraged to seek property elsewhere to expand the Cobras brand and influence.

The Clubhouse

The La Mesa clubhouse is where we hold church most of the time. All Cobras know where the clubhouse is without the need for a map. They know all of its secret nooks and hiding places. Just off Popular Street, the clubhouse is the primary rendezvous point for all Cobras at the beginning of crew rides and other events. The clubhouse is always kept well defended from multiple angles and locations. It is the heart of the Cobras Motorcycle Club La Mesa Original Charter.


There are plenty of locations for vehicle storage in La Mesa, but not many residential properties. The Maibatso Factory hosts a 6-car and 10-car garage, a 10-car garage right across the street from Casey’s Diner just off the Del Perro Freeway, and many other smaller garages further south down Popular Street and surrounding blocks.