About Us


Welcome to the Cobras Motorcycle Club [COMC], an online crew that is based in Grand Theft Auto V Online on the Xbox One.

We consider ourselves a 1%er Outlaw Motorcycle Club, an anarchist crew that rejects the norms that govern today’s society in favor of a life of partying, getting wasted, and cruisin’ on bikes*. We ride, we blaze, we make money, and most of all we are chill. We strive for a drama-free life and a club that will last through the ages. We are a different type of club from most motorcycle clubs you will find here (on GTA V Online); we do not find value in a free mode war and do not believe in the virtue of a “push out” message. We like to keep it honest and to keep it real. The strength of our bonds and the passion behind our actions are what define us. We are a brother-and-sisterhood that conforms to no one for no one; all that matters is each other and the friends we make. Legacy over Profit. Branches over Swords.

We are a social club who plays Grand Theft Auto V Online; our functions include organized crew rides, making money (in game), races, survival, fight clubs, strip joints, car shows, etc. Though we are not a free mode warring club, we will participate in one if we, or any of our friends, are attacked unprovoked. We are a more pure motorcycle club; the auspices of which do not include starting fights or battles – but we will help finish them.


Note from the Club President:

This club comes from a sordid history of violence and betrayal. Mainly from the acts of disreputable and abhorrent individuals within the former administration, we have come across many enemies who would like nothing more than to see this club destroyed. They have heard infamous stories and tales about the wretched Cobras who do nothing but screw people over and talk a lot of shit. There has been a change in management for the club since then and those individuals are no longer associated with us.

As of January 1st, 2015, this crew no longer practices infiltration and sudden betrayal for instant gratification. We have found inner peace and do not have the need to bully someone around. Though we will always have enemies our goals are no longer to sustain those hostilities in favor of a more balanced gameplay style for our members and friends. If you are a member of a rival crew that has felt victimized by the Cobras in the past, we are looking to mend those fences. Please contact any member of our MC at anytime either on Xbox Live or via e-mail at serpentor@cobrasmotorcycleclub.com.


Looking to become a member? We are accepting new prospects. Click here for more information.